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Picnic and cats

The picnic today was a lot of fun! We had hamburgers,hot dogs, maccaroni and cheese, etc up at my grandparents. All the food was yummy and the company was a lot of fun. My grandparents explained how me and my brother used to sing a lot as kids and jump on the bed^^ teehee. I still like bouncing around on my bed! :p
We also went swimming - I haven't done that in a year or two! The water was not cold, but it felt cool to me^^

And I must give a short account of the cats up at their house.

Of course there is Shnockems, who we call "my cat" because she's been around since I was little. The first time we really saw her was right before she had kittens - 5 of them under the porch!! These days, though, she's getting old and she only has one eye, but she still does fine. She never was a housecat,- in fact, she usually can be found wandering the cornfeilds.
They call her the "Queen" because she is rather territorial, especially around the newbie cats.
There are two other cats who have recently been spending time around the house. They are very clean and keep themselves well - one is yellow like Shnockems and the other is white and yellow. They are very sweet, though shy and scared of us. Hopefully they will get more friendly and befried Shnockems, but she still gets jealous and meows at them :p
These two are sisters and are only 3 years old. The white one, who we call Dots, is very playful and enjoys watching bugs. The yellow one, Alice, actually let us pet her the other day and is very lovable!

The *cutest* was when Dots and Alice walked up to each other, touched noses, and then walked past each other, rubbing against each others furry coats^^ It was adorable^^ and makes me wish I could take one home!!^^

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