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In class today, our professor said that writing is a way we have of creating order in our world. It can help us to gain control over pain or fear. I love writing. It isn't just venting and is a way to organaize ourselves and give us a sense of power within ourselves. And when she talked about Joyce as collecting his Epiphenies, I remembered how I used to do that and still do, in some cases here. Also, in talking to my mother about how I was so deeply involved with issues so mature for my age..I feel and always knew how important innocence and childhood were, but strived to be wise and mature and thoughtful, beautiful in living. Interesting, putting all of this together. I am bored and sickened by alot in this world, yet also find glorious revelations and wisdom and beauty in everything from Dune to LOTR to Halo (X-Box rocks!). Life is an interesting collage, and even though I do not know what the crud I will do, I have an appriciation for life and beauty. I wish I could do justice to all I have and will learn. I wish I had a way to express it fully, but for right now I have homework and webcomic work, and lab work too..ick!
I am being summoned..I must draw! Come Frodo, and come quickly, though I am also anxious that the image of vague perfect in my mind will be destroyed..but life in malperfection makes everything all the more interesting, ne?
[Perfection in my mind must be vague, cause I won't think clearly or else..well..I dunno^^]

PS-been spending too much time daydreaming about Frodo in Mordor and Barad-Dur :P
Tags: art, calling, childlike, daydreams, fear, order, pain, writing

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