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Clamp Kiseki 1-10

I posted two photos of my Clamp Kiseki chess collection. They are a bit fuzzy, but at least it gives an idea of how massive a Clamp-army this is!! (The two main photos are behind the cut to save space^^)

They are sitting on my desktop-bookshelf. I was afraid of them getting damaged in the flight from KIX to Newark, so I packed them in interesting places...inside the tea container (natsume), teabowls, even my church shoes I think...and they made it safely home!!

The characters' series-
Top: Clover, Tokyo Babylon, XXXHolic, X, X, Clamp Campus Detectives, XXXHolic, RG Veda
Bottom: Angelic Layer, Tokyo Babylon, Clamp Campus Detectives, CCS, CCS, Tsubasa, Magic Knight Rayearth, Miyuki in Wonderland, Chobits

For more information, see-
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