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Cows! [and] Indy!

Well, today was marked by two major events.

One, herding cows.
Two, watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

When I was driving home from work with mom, we took the back road via JPM road. Little did we know that the cows at the intersection of Col. John Kelly road the fencing had been broken down and the cows loose!! There were a couple calves in the road and the mothers were following them. My mom used the car to block them until help arrived! :) I'll admit that it was fun!^^

After dinner and NCIS, we located the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade tape and watched it from start to finish!! It was so much fun :) I love that movie!! It is classic goodness. I am gonna fall into sleep with memories of that on the brain.
But it is almost sad because I have ALL the lines memorized O_o

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