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Work day-free evening

Well, work was average. We did get a lot of tours but thankfully I wasn't the tour guide. I was wondering at work what I would do when I got home...

Well, I rested up and played Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. I thought I was still gliched from when the barrel exploded in the doorway (the game glitches *a lot*). But I found I was all the way up to King Solomon's Mines... I must have h4cked^^ Well the game was fun because I got to ride in a coal car - wheee! But when the nazis came, I quit. I also made a fool of myself by being unable to open the door. Well, the action icon button didn't say OPEN, so I tried punching it, shooting it, blowing it up...What do you mean, all I had to do was turn the invisible doorknob?! ^^

I also made a complete geek out of myself and got the Fate of Atlantis comics off ebay^^ I am tickled :p But, hey!- that was an amazing game!!

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