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Victorian Dance Night Day

Today I was really jumpy! I could have sworn I saw a man standing in the hall when no one was there - and I nearly jumped out of my skin!! It was just the hat rack... >_<;;;
We suffered through a lot of financial paperwork today - a Board meeting day. Bah. And I so wanted to nap on the sofa.^^

And tonight we had a concert. Whew - I was so tired! But it was really lovely! A group of 6 dancers in Victorian costume performed dances and discussed their garb. I enjoyed it a lot! The music and the clothes and the whole atmosphere felt so "right" and "home." I could see myself working hard at household chores all day and then dancing with friends all night like they did. Back then they didn't have time for hobbies, but, you know, I bet they could be as happy as could be. I mean, I love my obsessions and hobbies, but there's nothing so wonderful as falling into a deep sleep after a hard day's work. And spending time with family & friends sitting on the porch chatting, can't be beat by any manga. I think I could be happy back then and feel as though I were complete.
But rather than take the tangent of feeling sorry for myself and wishing I were born in a different time, I am going to make the most of the hobbies I "can" enjoy. Because no matter the time, they had some entertainment. Maybe today's is not so heartfelt and fullfilling, but it *is* more diverse and interesting. Nothing's perfect. The balances somehow measure out even.
So, I impatienty wait for Indiana Jones comics to arrive in the mail ^_~

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