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Saturday, but not at all lazy!

Today I kept myself busy by playing Fate of Atlantis. I got from Thera in a hot air balloon to Crete and then all the way to the inner ring of Atlantis! Unfortunately, I got to the inner ring without a couple neccessary items so I have to least this game doesn't glitch like Infernal Machine (infernal game XP). My parents were watching as I boarded a Nazi sub, wandered the labyrinth, and ran into my old friend Sternhart. Dad was even helping me with the guidebook :p We had all eaten leftover lasagna and then took a walk up the hill. It was fun to spend time together, even if all we did was play the silly game for Windows 95^^ At least, I hope mom and dad were having fun O_o;

After all of that fun, we got donuts and watched Master and Commander!! Good movie. The Hratio plushie enjoyed it, too ;)

I had to get a quick shower then, and afterward made a whole bunch of Lee Ingleby icons^^ I was reminded of what a good movie/miniseries Nicholas Nickleby was. I think I will add it to my Christmas list this year! :)

Yes, it was a busy day. I even got on AIM (which I havent done in..well..forever) and chatted for a couple hours^^ Also - you should all be proud of me for this - I read some Tale of Genji and worked more on my character guide list! That list is quite helpful (and because it is online, I made icons for each of the characters^^ Sad, I know, but helpful to associate a multitude of characters with easily recognizable symbols! A fun and helpful guide, to be sure)

And before all this we had visitors to the house (which never happens). Fuji came and gave my mom a gift - so nice of her!! Even though she got me out of bed on a Saturday, I forgive her ^_~ And then my gram came and said hi since they were in the neighborhood for a family reunion! Crazy busy.

Add to that China King Buffet for lunch and you have a *very* full day! I wasn't missing my comic book with all that action!

Yesterday evening I felt depressed because I was so bored and unfullfilled, but today I was too busy to feel that way! ^___^ Wonder what I will do tomorrow... Monday night I have a concert at Slifer House, so I will only get a few hours free. Hmmm. Is it better to be busy or free? I am not sure...^^

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