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Work, Japanese, War, Storms, & Atlantis

Well, Monday we had another concert at Slifer House - our second String Quartet from Bucknell. I was glad I could go, because I missed the first one. It was really nice - there's something special about strings in that grand Drawing Room^^ It made me miss my viola, but I really enjoyed it. I think they played Mozart in E minor, but I could be wrong. And I couldn't stay for the second half, because I had to dip ice cream and prepare the snacks!!

Also, on Monday and Tuesday I got to hear some Japanese. Monday, Carl came up to visit! It was good to see him. Gary told him to speak Japanese so he said: "Nihongo desu ka.' Then, at my chiropracter's appointment, the new doctor counted from 1-10 in Japanese very fast! Not bad!
Still, the more I hear it, the more I miss it... Take me back to Japan!!

Tuesday was work as usual.

In the evening we watched a history channel special about Guadalcanal (sp?). It was really interesting - I was glad that we could see it before the thunderstorms rolled through.
There was one particular story that I found moving. It was about some marines who were manning a machine gun along the river one of the nights. I forget how many were there originally, but as time went on, they were left with only two. Then, one of them was shot in the hand and couldn't fire or reload his gun. Meanwhile, he helped the gunner pick off targets. Before they were aware, a grenade went off and shrapnel blinded the gunner. But they didn't give up! The man with the injured hand told the gunner where to fire and the blinded gunner fired away. One was the other's hands and one was the other's eyes. They survived the battle and both returned home, if I remember correctly. Amazing.

This whole week I've been playing with ideas for a story incorporating stuff from the 'Fate of Atlantis' game and Minoan history. It keeps me busy! I am also impatiently waiting for my comic books...And they are *still* not here?! Gah! It is rather depressing. I wanna read about Indy :p

We might be getting more storms throughout the evening, so I won't be online. We got one suddenly at work today - it came from nowhere! One minute it was sunny and the next it was downpouring...Weird.

And so pass the fleeting days...

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