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Impatiently organizing

Well, all this week I've been waiting for the arrival of my Fate of Atlantis comics...and everyday I got let down!! I thought last week about how lucky I have been to get mail so quickly and I guess I jinxed myself :p I am hoping they come tomorrow...
And at work I have been working hard at organizing both computer files (names of people and addresses) and shelf space (I built a new shelf and cleaned the mess that was the bookcase)! I also did work on the recent grant the museum aquired.
I am so sick of organizing that I could yell and I hate grant-paperwork even more! >_< And to top it off, I have to organize stuff for college and write a follow-up report for scholarship money! No!!
I planned to relax tonight with an enjoyable game of Indy & the Last Crusade game for fun and nostalgia's sake. I didn't remember much about it, so I was looking forward to it. ...I got pwned. Wandering Indy's office, the library and the catacombs took me a whole TWO HOURS?! Gah.

So, being annoyed with organizing, paperwork, the belated comics, and the game didn't help.

On the other hand, being able to play skulls like a xylophone in order to open the labyrinth door amused me greatly!! XD

I really hope those comics come in order to get me away from suffering through less than high quality classic games!!

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