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Stress, but with relief!

This morning I had a bit of a 'freak-out' moment. More like an hour O_o
I was trying to get annoying chores filling out this blasted scholarship-survey. I got so frusterated that I quit >_< and then felt like angsting and moping around... I have no idea why!
I feel much better now... Mom suggested that maybe it's because I miss my friends (I haven't seen any of my friends in months ;_;) or maybe it's all the sugar I have been eating or maybe just stress of college? I am not sure...but I think it is the sudden pressure of having to decide what I will do after Gbg - because I have to do that within the next 3 weeks!? Gah.
[And my comics books are not in yet - grrrr!]

Well, after lunch we decided to wash the cars. I felt much better after scrubbing and hosing down the three vehicles^^ I got pretty tired, though, so I spent the afternoon on Paint Shop.

Tonight, because my brother is going to the Tavern with his friends, my parents and I are going somewhere out to eat. That should be fun and yummy^^ Quite a treat!

Monday I have off work and then Friday to go to RIT. Ya know, I haven't taken any vacation days all summer (besides the days when my boss called in and told me he wouldn't be working). Given the fact that I get picked on so much by my boss day in and day out, it's no wonder I was frazzled this morning!! ^_^

Ohhh time to eat! :3 Off I run^^

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