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Obsessions of an 11 yr old!

To help me be patient this weekend - and for curiosity - I made a list of all the different books & movies I have had strong interests in and which characters I had a crush on, simply obsessed over, or looked up to!

I don't remember much from my childhood (and for this reason my boss has labeled me an alien-being), so I had to look up all this information in old journals I wrote. I didn't have any before 5th grade, but I don't think I had any interests outside of Disney...So this is starting from 6th grade! ^_^

1995 (summer) - Star Wars. Luke Skywalker
1995 (fall) - SW: The Truce at Bakura. Dev Sibwarra
1995 (winter) - IJ: The Fate of Atlantis. Charles Sternhart

1995-1996 - LOTR. Frodo Baggins
1996 (summer) - Explorers, in paticular Magellan
1996 (fall) - Medieval music, IJ And The Last Crusade. Dr. Jones
1996 (winter) - Shipwreked, Deirdre books. Roman

1997 (spring) - 20,000 Leaugues Under the Sea. Capt. Nemo
1997 (summer) - Poseidon Adventure. Acres
1997 (summer) - The Silmarillion.
1997 (fall) - Killer Angels. Tom Chamberlain & Gen. Armistead

1998(spring)-1999(winter) - Titanic Hearings Rep't. Mr. F. Fleet

(After this I fell into a cycle of anime fandoms mixed in with a little Horatio Hornblower, Hollom, some revivial of my obsessions over LOTR/Dune^^ and ending with Onmyouji! Oh and don't forget Shoin sensei ^_~ in 2003)

And for some interesting (possibly amusing) notes relating to all of my old fandoms^^...

--Most importantly is a note about Dev and Sternhart, some of my earliest fav. characters ever^^ Both of them died in the midst of their stories ;_;
I wrote in my 6th grade journal that the Truce at Bakura was a wonderful book (it was actually the first book from the "adult" side of the library that I read!), but I was so sad that Dev died!...The day after that I wrote about schoolwork and mentioned that I was still upset about Dev...A week after that I was still depressed about poor Dev. Geesh. I never got over him!!
As as far as Sternhart - he was actually not too sweet of a guy in the game (he refused to help Indy find Atlantis *tisk*). He tried to find Atlantis alone, but he died on Crete and Indy found him. I wrote in my journal how this all happened in the game and said that 'Indy wasn't very sad when he found dead Sternhart!' I was a bit indignant with Indy^^ hee. It was funny^^ I think the reason I liked that guy was his pith helmut and accent... :p

--As far as LOTR goes, my dad started reading that too me in the fall and finished it on the return plane flight from FL. I remember that he read me the chapter Mt. Doom while on the airplane over NC!! ^_^ Ahhh nice memories!

--And Killer Angels had a huge impact on me! I desperately wanted to use it as the topic for my historical fiction book report, but Ms Vanbuskirk said 'no.' I was heartbroken!! (Thinking about this puts me in the mood to watch Gettysburg...Such a good movie)

After reading all this, I am realizing just what a variety of interests I have had!! It's all so much fun :)
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