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Gettysburg Screencaps

It's been a long time since I took batches of screencaps!

My computer is updated with the version of Power DVD that no longer allows one to take stills, so I spent the evening in dad's office on the old computer^^ It was hot out there and my fingers were sticking to the keyboard...but it was worth it ^_^ Unfortunately, the files that I saved them to are not readable by paintshop...but I will work around it!
I am just glad that they worked at all!! Dad's computer keeps lowering the color depth to 16 bit and making the colors look crazy. I was really scared there for a minute O_o; But all is well and I am enjoying the pictures very much^^ "Giddy like a schoolgirl!"

I have about 50 captures from the movie Gettysburg - so I will have a lot of fun desktop backgrounds for a while^^ Mainly I got photos of characters I couldn't find images of elsewhere - Lo Armistead and Porter Alexander; also some other random ones of Pettigrew and Pickett, just beacuse^^! I found a whole ton of Tom Chamberlain online already, so I didn't need to get any of him ^_~ (Note him sleeping in the icon next to his big brother!)

And I am really tired from all of this, so I don't plan on screen-capping anytime in the near future. *whew*

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