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boring day!

Today was the most boring day of work I have faced all summer! gah! I thought I'd keel over...

There wasn't much for me to do, so I helped edit committee meeting minutes and ran lots of errands. I was sent out to deliver various mail across the campus three times! On the last trip, I ran into Damien (spelling?) who was leaving - he was the one who helped finally fix Slifer House's email troubles! Thank you!

I can't believe that I only have a couple days left at Slifer House...I will cry when I have to leave! It won't be the same if I am not dodging bayonets on my way to the refidgerator with my lunch :p

But, anyway, last night I set up a background, but just now I have finally edited the colors, and so I am fairly pleased! I was going to make a collage of images, but it didn't work out as I'd planned...instead, the "collage" turned into this.

Oh well! I always liked Armistead, so he can stay as my background^^

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