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College weekend

Just got back from RIT a few hours ago. It is nice to be home! Though the meetings I sat through were very dull, the campus up there is *really* impressive. I think my little brother is in good hands!! 'Good thing he didn't follow in his sister's footsteps' is all I have to say ^_~ I am very proud of him :) I still haven't tackled the question of what *I* will do in 2006!! But a possibility in Maryland (with an internship in cities like Washington DC, Ottawa ON, etc) has come to my attention and I will be looking into that.

This weekend has reminded me just how much I love the town of Gettysburg. I really have been fitful this summer, realizing I will not be there much longer...It really is very sad! Maybe someday I can live down there...I would, if other plans weren't pulling me north.

Well, I do have one last year and I am going to make the most of it for sure!
I will be busy, though! Working 2x's what I am technically allallowed, along with 4 classes and prep for my thesis... I really need to start getting through more of Genji, fast!
Also, I want to walk more this fall than I have been - I am making plans to walk the battlefield on weekends for the day. It will probably take a whole day!! But the idea is very exciting and I am going to gather up some maps and guides tomorrow when I get time.

It will be just like trips to historical temples in Kyoto, except now it will be historical battlefields! Well, not quite the same, but still very inspiring.

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