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lazy Saturday morning fun

From </a></b></a>obcordate.

List 10 things in a day that give you a moment of joy (in no particular order), and tag five of your friends...

1. seeing store shelves full of stuffed animals
2. observing the sky - clouds, moon, sun, or stars
3. finding an Indy or Star Wars movie on TV
4. getting a letter in the mail (or, better still, a package!)
5. wearing hats around the house
6. getting an idea for a new background wallpaper or lj icon
7. hearing Japanese spoken
8. seeing what's for dessert
9. looking about my room's collection of 'stuff'
10. harassing/being harassed by my brother

This is the first time I've ever tagged anybody on lj, so here goes:
</a></b></a>lemur_cat, </a></b></a>lyline, </a></b></a>shynessislife, </a></b></a>nesakko, </a></b></a>hououji_fuu
What makes you all happy?^^

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