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Ah to summarize

This is my week so far (as compared to being on the verge last week, then recovering by this time Wednesday):
I had an interesting day yesterday..I had class from 8-9, work from 9-10, japanese class 10-11, lunch, work 12-2, english class 2-3, then dinner, and lab 7-10 at night - wow what a long day! And every Monday will be like that ~_~. Today looks better. And I guess all the people on my floor are throwing me a party..? Yay! They said they will order me sushi..yummm. I have about one week until my plushie-Frodo-doll is complete, so things are looking up :)

I should be studying for Jap class in like 15 minutes...opss ^^
I am talking to my mom about pig dissection! Namarie till later wheehee
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