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End of work

Friday was my last day of work at Slifer House for the summer, and possibly for good. My work-study will run out after I am graduated, I fear. The last three years have been a bit of a trial, but also had many joys! My poor boss has been struggling under the stress of his work and I did all I could to help. This last year has been the best for me, though, since I finally learned my way around the office. Our last day was pretty nice, but also quite representative of all days.

I had to go in early (at 8:10am) because Mr. Parks had a finance committee meeting in town. I was to supervise, take phone calls, clean up from the concert, and do some other chores while the young tour guide Chris (who will be 16 next week - Happy Birthday!^^) did a special tour. While he was finishing, Mr. Parks returned and we had to get to immediately search for a key to unlock a part of the loaned collection which was to be returned. We couldn't find it for the longest time - but in the end we did find it!
That was the beginning of the morning. We also had paperwork, copies, phone calls to return, schedule changes to make...We went to lunch early. It was the first time that I or Chris had been to eat at the Lewisburg Hotel. It was very nice, and for a while we had the room to ourselves. I got a chicken sandwich coated in sunflower seeds and topped with cheese, onions, and packed into an Italian-type bread. It was yummy.
As we were finishing, the boss ran out and he returned moments later with a large box, half-wrapped in yellow paper (as he'd run out of paper :p) and a smaller box wrapped in a floral paper. That second one was mine. I didn't have a clue as to what it was... I opened up the lime green tissue paper to reveal the copper-colored obi I'd spotted at Roller Mills when we ate there on Wednesday for lunch!! I was shocked and delighted! I owe him many more thanks for such a wonderful gift ^___^ I tried it on and it matches my plum colored iromuji kimono beautifully!^^ I was thrilled and was looking forward to giving my little gifts in return. But when we pulled into the parking space at the museum, there was already a tour!! Oh no! Yes, we had a full and busy afternoon of work. Ah, like everyday.
Parting was rather sad - we did take photos and I can't wait to see them - especially the one we caught of Chris flailing his arm around in jest! heehee! I know I will see my boss again, but I can't imagine working anywhere else...The more I think about it, the more depressed I get. He is sad to still have to remain overworked there and I am sad to go! :)
Well, that's my story of the end of my work at Slifer House. I wish it well in the future - it will need all the luck it can get!
So if you are ever in the Lewisburg area, stop in to visit that old house on the hill, ne?^^

And today, my first day off, was spent working hard! I cleaned up my room, tried on my kimono, folded up the kimono (which took a long time O_o), baked a cake, and worked for 3 or 4 hours as a cashier at the ice cream stand in West Milton Park. We had planned to do ice cream duty from 4:30-6:30, but the people kept coming and the help they'd asked for never came to relieve us! Mom and I snuck dinner at 6:30 while dad manned the station, and then we swapped. My parents scooped the ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, butter pecan, & peanut butter cup) while I dealt with the money and made change. I was forced to do math!! Imagine that! ^^ I ate so much that my stomach hurts... When we got home, both I and mom were ready to sleep, but we had to make that birthday cake for my grandfather! Dad went back to the park and helped with food and clean-up and didn't get home until 11pm?! Ack. What a l-o-n-g day!

And we in Union and Snyder counties are *still* waiting for rain. Today the temps reached 105 and we have gone without rain for weeks. The grass is not even alive enough to be brown - it looks like a dead gray! >_< Poor crops...

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