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Fun week!

This past week, my best friend came up to visit me! It was so good to see her again and we had a ton of fun^^ We didn't get out and about much, but we did relax and watch endless hours of anime (which is the best kind of vacation, sometimes!!) She even got me a new hat - I love it^^ I wore it around all day :) Thank you^^

Yes, because of her I've become addicted to Fruits Basket XD
But can you guess who my favorite character is?! Because there is no plushie avaliable for him, I had to make one myself! :p

And I must say that the Live Action Sailor Moon was also really fun to watch^^ It was also good practice for my Japanese! I am glad that the story had a happy ending, too - I was worried for a while there near the end...

So, I am worn out from everything and will be spending the next few days - the last days of my summer - packing for college. Hmm I think I am ready, but at the same time, I'm not! Where did the summer go?
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