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Civil War Signaling

I've spent the evening reading up on the Signal Corps to take my mind off of the disasterous loss of my once-wonderful printer ;_;

Anyway, I learned a few letters of the DOT-code alphabet that was used with signal flags and also telegraph. The flag was lowered to one side or the other (and that was given a value of 1 or 2, which can then easily be transfered to dit or ditdit). Lowering the flag directly in front was a signal for a break in words or phrases - this takes on a value of 3, or ditditdit. Curious to see for yourself? [...Probably half of my friends reading this are thinking 'she is crazy' :p]

It was so much fun that I got a program to listen to the DOT code and translate it^^ I really was amusing myself! It kind of reminds me of my study of Braille...My, how I love studying communication; and yet I am both too shy to talk to people and too slow in picking up new vocab! *sigh* Gotta love the irony^^

In the end, though, all this study of the Signal Corps has fueled my desire to one day become a reenactor and, all the more, to join a unit that deals with Signaling! If only I could live near some group that did...I would join up in an instant for sure :3
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