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Back in Gettysburg!

Already it's been wild and crazy!
Sorry I haven't gotten back to emails yet. I am a bit swampped and stressed still! But I will get around to that sometime soon I hope!

Moving in day. Yesterday.
Well, got up at 8:45. That's early for me...I was awake though. I rolled out of bed and opened the door just as mom did to wake me up. She told me that I had mail! I got a small packet from Japan!...?...It was from Mrs. Hamamoto! It included a Braille letter (3 whole-pages long!) and a hankercheif^^ It was so sweet. I was still too asleep to really react though...
We packed the computer and last of the clothes and took off. We arrived in town at 11:00 - just in time to do banking! After this, we drove to college, unloaded the car, got my key and mail, and began unpacking.
It took a while to rearrange my room, but the layout is pretty nice. We all have fairly good sized rooms here at Hutchison House. The old part of the house was brick, but painted white with a blue door. I am in the back - the former porch! My floor is very uneven, but I have a lot of windows and even a back door! I have my computer in the corner of the most windows and my bed beside it. On the opposite wall is my dresser and mini-refridgerator. All my hairbrushes and snacks look like they will roll down toward the ouside wall of the room (yes, it is that slant-y!).
We also bought a bicycle and spent the evening with my grandparents! It was nice. We got to feed the fish, I tested the bike, and we all had dinner.
Needless-to-say I was pretty tired when I got back and went to bed around 1 after all the commotion calmed down.

Registration Day. Today.
I woke up about 10 and spent the morning lazily getting ready for registration. I also translated the first page of the Japanese-Braille letter!
I was worried about Registration, but it turned out fine. I got both my classes, got word on my tutoring job, and got confirmation on my advisor.
Feeling successful, I took the bicycle out for a spin. I went around the Peace Light in the NW corner of the battlefield (Day 1 of the battle). The hill was steep, but I was surprised to find that it only took me 45 mins to do the whole trip. I was out of shape and huffing and puffing...Yes, I even walked partway :p It's really beautiful on the battlefield and there wasn't much traffic, so I was overall quite pleased.
This evening I shared pizza with my friends and have since been studying morse code! I keep getting stuck on z and q...bah. I hope I can keep it up though!

Fall Schedule.
It looks like an interesting semester (I always say that!^^). I have Chinese, Japanese 450 as an independent study, Premodern Lit and the Genji class. That means I have class every morning at 9 am. ick. On the positive side, I have no classes after 10 am on T/Th!! Yay! But I will have library and tutoring work...hmm. I guess I will have a lot more specifics filled in tomorrow, but as for now I can say that I am excited!

That's that...Whew I am tired. I am now going to return to morse code and try to get to bed in good time.

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