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First Day of Class

Meet the teachers..and the craziness...

Woke up at 7 and fell asleep by 8. I did make it to class on time. My Chinese class looks like a good one - hard but good. The teacher seems really nice and really down-to-earth. Her intro was energetic and interesting in comparison to others! She promised to teach us Chinesesongs, kickboxing and curse words in addition to 300 characters and grammer...
After that I sat through an intro of JPN 101. It was ok and the students were very nice! I look forward to working with that class!
I had to check with Hogan about coming to the 1 pm session and she gave me the OK.
Then, I ran off to the book rush. Well, I got a tie for my key and then checked for books but only 2 were there. Hmm. No CHinese or PreModern Lit. Crud.
After that, lunch! I got soup and a bagel.
Onto work! I surprised Jim and he gave me a warm welcome! We chatted for half an hour, he filled me in on news at the library, exhibitions at the art building, the latest town scandals, etc. He also introduced me to his new boss - she is so sweet! I am really looking forward to working under her :D I stopped to admire Jim's artwork before leaving (he does watercolor flower images).
I sat upstairs on 4th floor of Breidenbaugh Hall for 45 mins before 1. It was so peaceful and nice. Suddenly, my English prof came up to me! I was shocked and delighted! She sat down and we had a lovely conversation about Japan, plans, my family, etc. Oh she is so nice. Man, this college has a good deal of sweet people!! :)
I sat through JPN 101 again, though I wasn't so thrilled as the first time around. Then I had my meeting with Yonezawa sensei. We decided which text to use.
By this time I was exhausted. I came home and crashed at my computer with morse code.
I pulled myself up for dinner at 5 and have since been back sitting, trying to calm down my stressed nerves. I am not shaking again like yesterday, though I think that was lack of blood sugars/salts. I am pretty worn down, though!

Ok, must do morse!
I can't study because Yonezawa sensei borrowed my book and I have not been able to buy any other textbooks.

This semester is going to be pretty nice after it settles down, I think. I just don't want to think about the homework just yet. . ..

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