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Work of various sorts

Well, classes continue decently enough and I feel a bit less stressed. Well, there's always the tension of:
I feel bored not working...I don't want to work...I have to work...I feel like taking a break...
Yes, the college way!

Today I had Chinese and I got my new name! 麦米琳 Mai Mi Lin (wheat-rice-jewel). Oddly enough, I quite like it. The rice part matches with my Japanese name 芽玄 (Heavenly-colored Sprout) because rice before processing is called 玄米, or brown rice and the jewel is like the hidden Taoist essence in the unhewn log, er, I mean unprocessed rice!

I reviewed Genji today, and did more emailing. Last night I sent a bunch of email, and I did some more today. I was in contact with my telegraph mentor again and was practicing my morse code for close to an hour probably! Also, I translated 1 & 1/2 pages of Mrs. Hamamoto's book, met with Yonezawa sensei and Shen sensei, got paperwork, sent in paperwork, and chatted with my house-mates!
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