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Strange weather in Gbg

Yes, we had very strange weather here in Gettysburg the past 2 days.
Last night, I was really tired at 10:30 so I fell on my bed and fell asleep until 12. I woke up to strong wind, a downpour of rain, and rather loud thunder. There was also a siren - but I can't remember if that started before or after I was awake. I got up and checked to see if anyone else was awake, but everyone's door was closed...
This afternoon, the clouds were looking ominous, dark, and the air is unstead, breezy. It feels nice, but also feels like a storm.

At dinner I asked the lady taking my card what the siren was all about and in a low voice she said
"tornado watch"

Yes, that's right, she said. They spotted some funnel clouds up near Chambersburg and there were trees down around town, enough so that roads were closed today. It was all over the news, apparently. No actual tornadoes touched down, though.

Still, the very idea is rather disturbing!

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