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Gettysburg Walking Day!

Today </a></b></a>hhhbkev showed me all around Gettysburg!! It was so much fun that I don't know where to begin!!

On our way to the square, we stopped to visit an art gallery. Sarah had told me to expect nothing but Jackson and Lee paintings - and I didn't doubt her,...but I was still shocked to see that it was "hontou ni" Jackson and Lee "bakkari"! And we are in the North - in the great Commonwealth of PA...!? I was so confused!! ^.^

After this, we stopped in a sutler type store with uniforms and kepi and insignia for reenactors. Sarah tried on an wool jacket and looked quite sharp!! ^_^ Then a fellow came up and asked us if we were having fun dressing up. Well, yes we were, as a matter-of-fact! :p He kinda hung around...when Sarah went to buy a Second Corps insgnia pin, and the guy tried to impress us with his "historical knowledge" - too bad that he was wrong and Sarah owned him! (lol) XD It was so great - I was proud to be there to see that^^ ...and so far, so good - no Courtmarshal Papers have shown up on our doorsteps! ^.^

After this we were hungry enough and stopped into Pickett's buffet. It was really neat to see all the photos on the wall of actors/reenactors from the movie who'd eaten there! The food was excellent, and we even learned some trivia!
He told me about my Forage hat and that it was the type used to collect berries. Also learned that West Virginia had the only correct flag at Gettysburg cause they had just become a state and to make their flag authentic, they stole a star from the Indiana boys and sewed it on their own! ^^

After eating, we needed a good walk. We cut accross to the Angle and saw the place where Armistead fell. I'll admit that I was a bit taken back, and not knowing what to think, I just stared blanky at the dirt...
While there, we saw the copse of trees (yes, a copse is a word used *only* inreference to trees/bushes!) and a monument to the fellow who stood during the cannonade with one hand on his sabre, the other on his hip, smoking a cigar and not moving. :)
Ah the Civil War is so wonderful because its cast of characters is simply incredible!

A little farther down the field was where Hancock was wasn't *too* far off from Armistead, but not close enough to wave hi, I suppose. Still, standing there, I could almost see the action inside my mind flashing by (or maybe it's just that I have watched the movie one too many times!)

When we finally reached Devil's Den, we picked a spot and rested. We saw a cute kid dressed like a Cavalry officer in a jacket too big for him and a blue kepi^^ kawaiirashii! Hopping about the rocks was also very fun! I want to go do that more ^_^

Finally, we headed for Little Round Top. On the climb up, I saw a reenactor with a Signal Corps insignia on the sleeve. I desperately wanted to talk to him, but was too shy, plus he looked busy. I missed my chance even though I later looked all over for him. I did get to walk where the 20th Maine was and the cool, shadowy area was very pleasant. Best of all, though, was being able to sit back and watch the sun slip away over the hills...Perfect.

We pa-wa- wa-ru-ki-n-gu shita (power walked) from there to the PA monument right before darkness set in and got some additional photos and then made our way into town!

In town again, we stopped for ice cream on Baltimore St (which was wonderful!) and visited a hat shop! Today we returned there and Sarah got a kepi!! So now we match! XD I am so excited!! (And now I am very impatient for the Fall Creek Sutler people to reply to my order for a Signal Corps insignia...!)

We also went back to the clothing store today to try on Col. jackets and take photos!! I hope they all turn out! :D

And that was that! Wow it was a blast and I hope we can go out more in the future!!
Yes, some day when we are rich, we shall be reenactors, too! ^__~

Oh, and here is the icon I promised to make^^ Teehee Pettigrew and his book^^
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