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Strange happenings-ordinary happenings

The past day has been another long one.
Chinese class 9-10, then rush to Servo to eat (they had yummy eggs and I put cream cheese on 2 of their little pancakes - but I ate too fast and felt icky anyway), got the Pettigrew bio from the library, then lit class #1 from 11-12:15, rush to check on textbooks (still not in), gave a little money to the hurricane victims, read some on Pettigrew until lit class #2 (the Genji one) from 1-4, then back to the library for the second time to read the Armistead booklet (which SP Collections couldn't find...), and finally to the Japan club dinner-meeting and then back to hw doings in my room.

[And everyday is gonna be like this :p]

Also big news of the day - my parents ordered my kepi hat badge/insignia!! It should be arriving in a week-10 days. *impatient^^*
Also- photos came back from the other day in Gbg!! Yay! I would scan them, but atm my scanner is acting up. Some of the sunset sky colors are lovely and there's one of me testing out the Col. jacket :3 So, yes, I am pleased with them^^

Some more class rambling
Well, I don't feel very confident in Chinese atm. Tones are still killing me. Thankfull we got easy numbers hw today!!
As far as the lit classes, it will be an upstream swim, but I will manage. The blog business finally seems settled and soon the lit class books will be in (I think).
Yonezawa was nice and recorded audio files of my book so I can listen for the kanji readings! It is a lifesaver!

The two bios are interesting. Poor Armistead - his lifestory is so depressing...*sigh* Nanimodekinai. Kanashii...nakitai wa.
At least Pettigrew had it a little better - he went to Europe like I did!^^ But he didn't go to Croatia - and he is a lot smarter than me^^ Still, he is a lot of fun to read about! I wish I could have met him :3

The interesting sight of the day was a little yellow butterfly who followed me and Diana a while on the walk to the bookstore!! A spirit passing from one life to the next?...or just attracted to the smell of the Genji [textbook]?... The world may never know.

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