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Fitting Civil War in and passing Japan by

Yes, I may be a traitor to Japan but I have been spending as much time as possible exploring the grounds of this town.

Yesterday was another battlefield walking day - and for some reason my feet got really sore afterwards. The sun was truly lovely when it ducked behind the ridge. It was a vibrant orange-pink and it tinged the sky with peach haze. The strawberry color hung there for quite a while. Oh, and I got my Armistead booklet, which means no more fighting with Special Collections! And the second bicycle was delivered today thanks to my grandfather!

Too much has been happening these past days and I am really getting worn thin, even though I am not ill. There's so much work that remains unfinished...

And in spite of this, I have desperately tried to keep up morse code and have even been writing poetry!?
For Megan to be writing poetry...yes it is a *really* strange thing. Too bad that it isn't better or I'd post some (or maybe I should say that they do no justice to the subject). Of course what else would the topic be but Gettysburg. Strangely, though, the form I used was ancient Japanese in style...

Anyway, I ramble.
Tomorrow is my monstrously long day. After that I need to catch up on homework and I am really dreading it. At least I have the weekend!

But, you know, I am really content as I am right now. Being a student and learning to appreciate history is the sort of ideal life I always wanted. Maybe I will stay in this area forever. But then again I wonder if anyone would be upset by that... As time goes on, I grow more attached to this area; ironically, this state that I so desperately wanted to flee 6 years ago. Now, though, the root of the Japanese 'me' [=sprout] seem to be holding fast.

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