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Now I am awake.. I am wide awake..I must sleep. Need..sleep..
I love my instant messanger sometimes. Yes. I like talking to people when I am not engaged in alternative crud..otherwise, it is more of a burden.. I also like Sweesish fish, but in excess they cause headaches..o.O

Ah, well,..all is peaceful here. The 5 silvery-materialed ballooons are still up in the air, while the 3 other ones are wilting in the extreme heat of the Dorm's Third Floor. Jacki is up later for once and on her computer..the TV is on low.. my wall is covered..I am iming..what more can I say or ask for? Yay! I was laying on my bed earlier admiring Frodo on my wall and huging my stuffed friends and falling asleep..I carried them around with me throught the rest of the night around the room and they are my buddies^.^ I am starting to feel tired again..slowly..I wanted to draw Frodo and Mordor and Sauron and such earlier, but now I am quite satisfied to daydream about it <-Megan is lazy! I should watch LOTR, but I am too tired to get through to Lorien I beleive. I should go through the StrategyGuide for Ghost Recon, too kedo,.. I go home this weekend. I am excited I guess..I am more concerned with getting to that point. My days are so busy with classes and work, but at least I have little homework - I cannot complain! And tomorrow is my sleep-in day! I get to sleep in till 7:30!! That beats 7:00!!! Yes, I like the sleeping in helps me keep sane and gives me hope for the future - yay!

Wow, I am 19. That number really holds no significance for me. I just shrug and try not to think about how fast time is passing. Growing up is bad. James Joyce is interesting to read on all that childhood-not-so-ignorance, like what I was and like from before..but I would still rather read Dune under the watchful gaze of Samurai-sama at the library.

I will leave now. Time for sleeping deeply and dreaming of many LOTR-things: beautiful things like Galadriel, wonderful things like Valinor, terrib[ly interesting] things like Mordor, nice things like Hobbiton, strange things like Gollum, and perfect things like Frodo!!

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