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すごい降り!大雨だ! yes it is raining...

We've needed rain for a long time here and it is raining! Still, I got drenched even with my umbrella! O_o! My umbrella is not the best and passing cars splashed me! Nooo! The paths around campus are deep in water - one was maybe 5 inches deep with water?! 日本の台風みたい! Ack
I managed to make it to Servo and got a steak n cheese sandwich, but I was dripping...and Shoin-sensei (the omamori) got wet and now is discolored because the uh actual charm on the inside bled out! Oh no! 申し訳ございません! But I was just wondering the other day what was on the inside...It's not hard to dissect the big charms, but you can't get into the smaller ones...

Class was all right. I read for Genji inbetween class (the chapter where Kashiwagi(?) dies ;_; it was sad! Then in Lit class we watched some of the animated version of the Genji story! Wow it was amusing^^ I wanna see more. It also puts me in the mood for Onmyouji!^^ Ahhh the Heian Period...

Hmmm I am looking at the books on my bed and thinking, "Do I really have to study tonight?" >_< Crud.

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