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A couple things I have to add

Well spent the afternoon napping, the evening reading Genji and looking for Onmyouji pictures online...I found the poem in the movie that the Emperor had written for Sukehime:

「望月の刻の ゆくまに 欠けぬれば 共に道行け あけの白露」

It's already 10 pm! Woah.
I have a lot to do tomorrow that I *need* to get done before Sunday (pretty much all my homework O_o;) Sunday I return home and Monday is doctor's appointments. Tuesday is day at University of Maryland. So if anyone is looking for me, you now know where I will be!^^

Also, I hear it is supposed to rain all weekend like today... Hmm. Well, the leaves were pretty when they were flying about and puddling in the gathered water in the grass^^ Reminds me of the Chapter Typhoon when Akikonomu's Autumn Garden was ravaged by a rainstorm! (Oh man, I've read too much Heain lit!)

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