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After the busy day, another busy day

Today I worked through the shock of yesterday!!
Class from 9-4 and homework from 4-10. Whew! I am tired and ready for sleep^^ Tomorrow I have my meeting with Li Laoshi and I wonder if we will have time to discuss the university... I don't really know what to say about it (and he is eagerly awaiting my reaction...). I will probably just babble incoherently like I did last time :p Anyway, I hope that this will iron out all the lingering doubts I have! Unless all we do is go over the new grammer...

I took care of a lot today - Off Campus Studies paperwork, started thinking about an essay, scheduled more tutoring, along with the normal hw. I also ate a lot of sugar today: chocolate cake at servo (along with the meatloaf and buttery corn), lots of starburst, and other candies... But I needed it because my room was chilly!! I am in cozy warm pajams, but I can only wonder what winter will bring! My windows don't close all the way and cold air seeps in...then when I step from the hall into my room it feels like my floor is ten degrees colder! Wonder why? Maybe its hollow below me... This is what I get for being the porch :p

I'm hungry.
(I was spoiled by home-cooking Monday and Tuesday^^)

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