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quizzes & Jpn grammer (with Genji!)

The one interesting part of the day was the way Yonezawa sensei desribed new grammer.
The new word was かねる (it means something like 'there is no possibility') and Yonezawa's example was:


TRANSLATION: There is a "big possibility" that Genji will enter the lady's room without knocking first :p lol! I giggled for quite a while!

I also spent countless hours with Asian Studies today...Chinese for an hour, an hour at language table, 2 hours in Japanese, and another hour in the office discussing the week's plan with Hogan-sensei. Blarg. Anyway, I think that I will attend language table more because it gives me a relatively peaceful place to eat (compared to Servo at noon x_x). And I somehow arranged to eat lunch with the guest speaker Wed...I hope I don't make a fool of myself!

The rest of this post has pointless quizzes...because I am brain dead. Megan took the free personality test!

"Desires release from an unsatisfactory situation a..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

"Working to create for herself a firm foundation on which to erect a secure, comfortable, and problem-free future, in which she will be granted respect and recognition."
Sounds about right.

"Tries to protect herself against becoming involved in arguments and conflict."
Yep! That, too!

Generate your Anime Character! by ryiu
hair...shoulder length
clothing...samurai armor and lots of belts for your swords eye has a long scar the other is ligh brown
special eyes
special can manifest demons
weapon...wrist blades
sidekick...none're out to help the weak and fight the wicked
you are good by: 50%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Woohoo! I can be a samurai! ^__^

<td align="middle">Thoth
Indeed, you are 66% erudite, 20% sensual, 20% martial, and 37% saturnine. </td></tr>
<td>Thoth, the Egyptian God of secret wisdom, intellect, geometry and other forms of higher mathematics, was also the God of books and learning, of writing and numbers. And above all, he was the God of Magic. Indeed, he was the first and greatest of all magicians, said to create miracles from nothing by the mere vibrations of his voice alone.

Within his main temple were said to be stored his books of magic which were open for the edification of all, providing those absorbing this magic understood its sacred content. Over the centuries, these books were said to have been carefully translated by various priests of secret orders until finally, the Greeks compiled them as the works of Hermes Trismegistus.

One book most everyone is familiar with which is attributed to the mysteries of the God Thoth is the Tarot, considered to be an unbound book of symbols that may be read in an endless variety of sequences imitating the random nature of existence itself.

The Fifteen Gods

These are the 15 categories of this test. If you score above average in ・

・ll or none of the four variables: Dagda. ・ Erudite: Thoth. ・ Sensual: Frey. ・ Martial: Mars. ・ Saturnine: Mictlantecuhtli. ・ Erudite & Sensual: Amun. ・ Erudite & Martial: Odin. ・ Erudite & Saturnine: Anubis. ・ Sensual & Martial: Zeus. ・ Sensual & Saturnine: Cernunnos. ・ Martial & Saturnine: Loki. ・ Erudite, Sensual & Martial: Lug. ・ Erudite, Sensual & Saturnine: Coyote. ・ Erudite, Martial & Saturnine: Hades. ・ Sensual, Martial & Saturnine: Pan.

<td align="middle"> </td></tr>

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 18% on erudite

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You scored higher than 0% on sensual

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You scored higher than 0% on martial

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You scored higher than 12% on saturnine
Link: The Mythological God Test written by Nitsuki on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Ohh sounds interesting...I can't believe I scored so low on everything! Ah well, I am pretty flexible and not one to pick a fight...also love seems to have something against me so >_< But, hey, wisdom and magical powers sound pretty fun^^


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