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books and weekend ahead!

I got my Saibara books from the library today and spent the majority of the evening working on my Genji paper about Court music. I can't believe I am actually going through *the entire Tale of Genji* [all 1000 pgs] and finding every footnote mention of either Gagaku, Bugaku, Saibara, or Folk songs...but I am!! Why? Onmyouji movies & manga did this to me! XD I blame Hiromasa and his flute >_< But I am making some interesting discoveries and I hope the final paper will be a lot of fun, putting all the info together! :D

The past two days I have run into two people in need! I gave one couple directions yesterday and today helped a classmate carry things accross campus. Though unexpected, it was fun! ^_^

Today I was so cold and worn from the exam that I laid on top my bed and zoned out. I can't even call it sleeping! I was trying to form some more ideas about those stories I never seem to finish^^ Ah well, it was more pleasant to think about than homework...And since there's nothing else for me to think about right now *shrugs* it worked. ...I am trying not to remember that oral exam I have Monday... ;_; It's gonna be the worst thing ever. I have to work on that tomorrow or else just give up all hope! I have to summarize 50 pages of narrative in Japanese in detail?! How did I end up in this situation!

Speaking of annoying things, I have had really strange messed-up dreams the past 4-5 nights... A really odd and unpleasant mixture of memories, ideas, and concerns play out vividly inside my head and it all causes me to wake up in a lousy mood. Each time it's completely different, too. It is all so strange that I am wondering what the problem may be? The past week hasn't been *that* bad! O_o; Hmmm. Gah. I hope tonight I escape without such weird dreams. I would ask Yumechigai Kannon to help, but...

And those are the thoughts of the day! And now I shall return to snacking and blankly staring at the homework I refuse to do until tomorrow! XD

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