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The day - and Genji references

Mm the weather is colder but thanks to the room's heater - runs off hot water - I am toasty warm!! I won't freeze my nose like I did in Japan in my cold room (I hid under the blankets, but I had to give just enough room to breath and so my nose would get really cold!^.^ Maybe that's what happened to poor Safflower! :p [Tale of genji joke(1)]

Nothing exciting happened today. I got up and did homework.
I realized that I can't look forward to weekends anymore. At least on the weekdays I only have hw from 4pm-11pm, but weekends I have work from 11am-11pm >_< It's not fair! Being like Yugiri is no fun! [Another Genji reference(2)...gomen!]
But I don't want school to end because I am scared of grad school!! O_o;;; All the people I met at that meeting were, well, intimidating! Just hide me away in some pavillion in Japan at the end of a long forgotten house... >_<

And while on the subject of Genji, Kaoru is such a wonderful guy^^* I hope he stays that way and doesn't follow the path of Genji, or for that matter any other male in the tale: Kashiwagi, Niou, Yugiri, Reizei (oh crud Reizei, why?! (3) >_< eww). I will stop now because most people probably don't want to read about Genji^^ But oh I am starting to really like the story now that Genji is dead :D

(1)Safflower was an old fashioned lady who lived in a run-down house and had an very prominent nose...
(2) Yugiri went to the Academy and studied studied studied! (unlike all the other noblemen!)
(3) Reizei married an 18 yr old when he was an old man because she reminded him of her mother, who he has had a crush on for his whole make matters worse, the poor girl had two of his children and his first wife harassed her to no end! Man that stinks. I knew there was some reason why I didn't like Reizei.

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