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tug of war with hw!

Well I did some work today (and the dreadfully boring OCLC updates, as well as the terrifying Japanese oral exam) and then I made a new lj background in Honor of Tale of Genji!
The flute player is either Yugiri or Kashiwagi, but I have to check which...

In other Genji related news...
--I am impatient to see the Genji manga that is being shipped to me :3
--My next Genji paper's topic is 'Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and...Genji?' Oh it should be an interesting one ;)
--I saw the final Genji class schedule and am afraid I may collapse soon from all the work! >_<

On the bright side, I did survive my exam...and I found out that Japanese date-books list all the lucky/unlucky days according to Taoism (aka Onmyou!!)...and language table was pretty amusing since I was the only student in a crowd of Japanese teachers excitedly talking about their favorite restaurants in Tokyo... :p Ah they are cute!

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