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^_^ Mmmm

Aww after finishing movies I always end up lingering in a tender mood^^ Even war movies XD

Well, today was crammed with classes, work (on bib & item records for musical scores - ugggh what a mess!), tutoring again, did some homework, walked to see how the work on the Train Station by the Diner is going, used up some film on autumn foilage...All of this was trying to pass time, because my dad was to arrive at 7:30. And he did! ^_^ I was so happy. We didn't actually get to do much...he fixed my curtains, I unpacked a new stock of food, he updated mom on his trip via AIM, then we discussed tomorrow's plan and he headed off to my grandparent's! I felt kind of rushed, but it is always like that. Hopefully tomorrow will be tons of fun!! I am looking forward to it! XD Yay!!

So, as my dad drove off, I ran to the library to catch the second half of Gettysburg! And I did! Ah it was wonderful. (Poor Armistead ;_;) It was so fun to really sit down and watch the whole movie (more or less) very attentively. Usually my dad and I will wtach it at home, but it gets broken up due to meals, etc... So, yeah, I am happy^^

Also, yes, I finally have the infamous Genji manga and they really are huge manga!! O.o; I am so excited to have them^^ Yet, I am also excited about Gettysburg! Wow Heian + Gbg = *confusion*
Yet, I love them both at the same time^^ My, I would be an awful girlfriend if I am this unfaithful one thing^^ :p

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