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Battlefield - North Carolina Monument

I got home from class and sat cozily on my bed with the windows open, light washing in... But it was such perfect weather and I was not sleepy, so I ran out the door, hopped on my bicycle and took a trip about the field :)

It took me 1:30 hrs to go: up to the Seminary (on foot), down Confed Ave to the Wheatfield, up the Union lines, and back through town to Huchison House. That's not counting the half an hour break I took at the North Carolina Monument (Brig. Gen. James Johnson Pettigrew's people, yay!).
My, the weather was too nice even to be bicycling!! I parked by bicycle by some antique cannons, found a patch of ground under an oak tree and relaxed a bit. I would have written something but I didn't know how to put the calm, warm, beautiful weather into words. I have to try a bit now, though:

The skies had a few high soaring sirrus clouds, and beneath them the feild's grass swayed about weakly. Nuts and brown leaves were dropped all over the ground like some kind of mess. I could see the Angle and the copse of trees from where I sat and many visitors also passed by to take photos of the scene. I probably ended up in a couple photos...
The fun thing was that later, when I was standing over at the N Carolina marker near the angle/copse of trees, I could see the other monument across the grassy expanse. I made sure to take a photo. In truth, I used a whole roll of film today! Whoops!

Well, this was what I was thinking as I sat there, and feeling as though I had to do something, I jotted down some sort of attempt at poetry. It wasn't very good, though, but at least it gave me something to tie the memory to. Mmm bind the memories up in objects and words so as not to lose them!

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