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Yoroshiku. Yugiri desu.

This week is going all right. I am numb to the work by this point - a blessing since that's what I have done 15 hrs a day the past two days. I don't mind it, since there's nothing else to do! Plus, I have Thursday to look forward to - my mom's coming and we will all go to dinner to celebrate her birthday \^_^/ Also, I might go on a feild trip this Saturday to a museum :3 So there's fun things that give me hope^^ I was close to getting ahead on work, but it won't happen now that Hogan-sensei is out this week and thus I won't know what is due... O_o. Ahhh so close.

Today at the library was interesting. We had a book that told us to refer to a website for the list of errata. Well, ok then. Usually a book, if it has any errata, has maybe one or two dates or something that got put in wrong. THIS book had a list of about 50 errata!?! My boss couldn't believe it. He was ready to flip out. We actually had to make a seperate booklet/pam-binding for all the errata I printed... It was ridiculous. >_<

But, on the bright side of that, over my break I collapsed into seiza-sitting on the floor in the F200's aisle and read a bit of random things about Pettigrew^^ Ahh it made me so happy^^ My one nice calm moment of the day....was me filling my brain with still *more* info?! ^-^

Yep, my week is reading lit stuff, writing Genji essay after Genji essay, doing bucketloads of Chinese, among other chores. Hopefully I will mail the Braille letter tomorrow, too!

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