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Servo Thanksgiving!

Tonight was Thanksgiving Dinner at Servo! I went early with hhhbkev, tenku_chan, and temiskou. Good thing, too. When we left the line was all the way down the street O_o;
Ah it was as tasty as I remembered from freshman year! We got lucky to be able to sit at a table with just 4 seats - pittari datta - in a quiet section of the building (actually where I sit to eat lunch on T, Th after work at 2). We barely had room for everything! A whole turkey, mashed potatoes, filling, corn (which was very good), gravy, rolls (so fresh! XD), and a whole veggie plate!! Woah. Gochisosama deshita! :)

In other news, I have no clue that's going on with all my lit classes... But at least watching Rokujo in Noh was fun^^ Uwaa those hannya* masks are freaky!

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