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Hikaru Genji animated XD

At last, a Genji manga icon XD

I just had to show Genji off :p It's almost as good as "Ah! Enlightenment!" (a line of a tanka poem my group presented in class)^^
I love Genji manga XD

In other news, the evening was nice with my parents and grandparents going out to dinner^^ I got to tell them about my work today and I heard the latest news about my cousin in FL. The food was good but I ate too much again! >_< Still, I haven't seen my parents in a while so it was very nice. Ahh this makes me eager for Thanksgiving break...

My parents dropped off a box of cookies from the church! If anyone wants some this weekend, come find me ;)
(Note: I won't be around Saturday, but Fri and Sunday I will be hanging around! Also, sorry to my friends who live in other states - I'd offer you guys some too, but well, it's a bit taihen desyou...)

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