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Weekend doings

Friday was a pretty fun day! It started with Chinese class where we sang the cat song (see below) - Prof Li was so amused or embarassed (?) that he couldn't help from laughing and it was really funny XD

mi mi xiao bai mao ———小白猫 (Little white cat)
kuai lai chi fan 快来吃饭 (Come quickly to eat!)
you yi diao yu 有一钓鱼 (I have a fiiiiiiish!)
xiexie xiao xiao jiejie 谢谢小小姐姐 (cat: "Thank you, little older-sister")

Also, Servo had a good dinner! Woah! Chicken cordon bleu & scalloped potatoes - I don't care that it was not real, it was good anyway^^

The best part of the day was watching Star Wars Episode 1 & 2 upstairs!! :) Thanks for inviting me and letting me borrow the comfy orange chair!^^ Yay! It was a lot of fun! I am not very familiar with the newer episodes, but I was happy to see old characters I knew (like R2-D2!^^ and wow I was so amused to see Uncle Owen and his "girlfriend" :p uwaa) Also enjoyed seeing the different planets/settings/architecture/costumes^^ It was so fun!
I am looking forward to seeing Episode 3, too! I know nothing about it at all because I haven't even seen previews for it (I was in Japan...) - well, nothing besides Darth Vader and the fact that Skywalker twins must come into being...

Tehee, I didn't realize how fast time went last night, and got to bed later than usual^^

As a result, this morning I overslept my alarm and finally woke up at 9:45!! I leapt up - literally - and flew out the door to be at the meeting place before 10:15 O_O I went with the Civil War Club to the Nat'l Museum of Civil War Medicine. There were about 9 of us - we took a Gbg van and the trip only lasted till 2pm. The museum was neat - lots of doctor's equipment (tool bags, bottles of pills) and such. I also learned about ambulances, ether/chloroform, care for the horses, and some diagrams on how to dissect stuff. O_o Amusingly, the display that got the most groans & moans was the dental corner! >_< kowai.
We stopped at McDonald's on the way back - it was rather tasty - and I got a milkshake too as a treat for myself :3 Yatta!

Since then, I have read up to the last chapter in Genji & did the listening for half of Yonezawa-sensei's assignments. Last night I had worked on papers, thankfully, but tomorrow I still have my 6-8 hrs of translation. blah.
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