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Victory over Genji!

終わった! 源氏物語ができた! やった!
I can claim victory over Genji! I just finished it. I was very tempted to quit reading once it hit the Uji chapters, but I loved Kaoru and couldn't just quit then! Still, the ending was very sad. ;_;

Well, I conquored hw this weekend but all in vain 'cause there's nothing for me to do here in my room >_< Thankfully, my family called and so I got to talk to my brother about fun books and talk to my grandparents, too. The rest of the day was me suffering through 9 or 10 pages of Japanese book translation and being bored. Not a *very* exciting day. Actually I was feeling defeated and frusterated most of the time :\

The weather was nice, though. I was planning on staying in pajamas all day but I didnt because I got dinner at Servo^^ I also snacked on cookies, got to peek in the basement of the house (which is fairly empty, save for an old fireplace and heaps of wood...)

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