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language table and carrot pajamas :p

Yes, the Japanese language table was very amusing today!!
One of the girls & her roomate got batman pajamas in the mail from the one mom, and this started a whole conversation about "pajamas"!

Yip sensei asked if all roomates wear matching pajamas. Takeshi replied that, oh yes, they do; and that the ones in the next room would have superman, then the next room, spiderman, とか etc.... :p Yip sensei nodded: "ふんん..." He seemed quite seriously pondering this idea and Yonezawa-sensei shook her head. They then discussed what other superhero pajamas there are. Wonderwoman came up as did ウルトラマン and Pikachu (since Sarah's mother bought her father a Pikachu-pajama complete with a hood with ears). Takeshi asked if there was a tail, but decided there must not be because that would be じゃまでしょう (it'd get in the way). I sat back, unable to believe that this was happening! :p

At some point Takeshi said にんじん パジャマ (carrot pajama) and for whatever reason everyone in the room got an image of a person in a full carrot shaped costume with greens sticking out of the hood (lol!) Takeshi said: "No! I mean, with a carrot pattern" But by then it was too late and we were laughing, Yonezawa-sensei koncked her head on the table :p lol
The whole time Takeshi (sarchastic) and Yip sensei(trying to look serious, or just confused) kept going back and forth like some funny Japanese comedy or something XD Ah it was so random!!

That was, by far, the highlight of the day.

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