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Avoiding lab homework for next week...

Tuesday night. No immediate homework for tomorrow. No Frodo updates. What is there to do, eh?
It is warm here in the dorm - as it always is. The storm grew but passed Gettysburg by. Now, who knows what it is doing outside - wind or rain or nothing? Wakarimasen ne. Everyone is the hall is about or doing work sortof. It is a peaceful time. The evening is still fairly young. I have a few hours of freedom ahead of me! I should be studying Elvsh but I am sick of studying. I redrew all of the slides we did in lab Monday 'n stuff. I finished my coming of age story. I read my bio. I studied notes. I did my Japanese writing. I am drained-brain-wise. I need off time but I am not sure what to do. I should read manga and doujinshi really. I am tired but I am more bored than tired. Perhaps I shall watch FOTR - disk 2 - tonight? That sounds like a reasonable idea. Maybe I shall start now?

I feel like going off into a narration of some sotry or just describing and stuff..but I don't know where to start. *shrug* Life is full of mysteries and wonder. And I feel it should be that way. I would not want to know the future even if I could change it. As Muad'Dib learned the hard way, life in complete security and no surprise is a prison, especially if you are alone..His moon was falling and he could merely sit back and watch it with literally dying eyes. Poor blind ol' Muad'Dib. That material intreagues me. Maybe I should go read that..? Decisions, decisions...

I should go back to a Dune manga. I can see Paul on the back of the worm, alone, a free-man. Then, him emprisoned by his fate. His sister who has been possesed by fear. His children who are unique and interesting as any history ever written because they ARE history. Good stuff good stuff.

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