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Weekend of work

Spent the weekend getting ready for Thansgiving week! I can't believe that I actually got double the amount of Japanese translation done O_o Well, almost. And I finished recording notes from Genji about music. Now I just need to find a hypothesis. I feel like I got a lot done but at the same time got nowhere...hmmmm like a treadmill. taihen da.

Sorry I haven't been around much.

But I was very happy to finish Gravitation with hhhbkev ! At the beginning I was a bit worried because Yuki seemed so cold and kowai O_o but after a few episodes I really felt for him and I ended up loving the series ^_^ It was so cute^^ Thanks for sharing *teehee* We must sometime watch the OVAs!!

The only other paticularly exciting thing that happened this weekend was waking up Saturday to those Confederate reenactors. I thought it was the school band at first, but it seemed different... And for a minute, remembering that I was in a Civil War house, I feared for my life as a Gbg citizen because of the invaders!! Ack! Hide! To the basement! XD

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