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Thanksgiving Vacation events

Tuesday - Dad and mom arrived earlier than expected, so we got out of the room by 5, got dinner at Arby's, and started on towards home!

Wednesday - Began with a haircut, then spent the afternoon baking pumpkin pies, went to a Thanksgiving Eve Service at Church, and spent the remainder of the evening watching the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope.
While baking the pies, somehow we forgot to add the sugar...but they tasted fine, quite healthy :p Whoops^^
The church service was nice. The scripture we read was different. Then at the end we wrote something we were thankful for on the back of colored cards and pinned them to a felt banner. It looks quite nice hanging on the alter. I wonder how long they will leave it up there.

Thursday - Thanksgiving! We celebrated at Gram and Pap's with the whole meal^^ It was great!! Especially the macaroni and cheese...we sat around that afternoon, everyone sleepy and cozy under blankets. I snitched dark chocolates and watched the guys play a card game. That evening we watched the end of Star Wars and continued with the next movie!

Friday - Watched a highly amusing science show most of Friday, made mini cheescakes, and then rented Star Wars Episode III! I hadn't seen it before this, so I was very excited :3 It was great^^ But I learned that lava is not your friend O_o; I did enjoy watching the space battle and the other various lightsabre fight scenes...yes, in fact, I loved this movie^^
As for the science show, I learned that putting Christmas lights in the microwave yeilds interesting effects, that milk is the best liquid to drink when trying to quench the flames of spicy foods, that you *can* walk on a lake of custard, laughing gas makes even an onion super-amusing, and that even if you hit 700 golf balls, it doesn't guarantee that you will get a hole-in-one. Oh, and blowing up things is fun!

Saturday - Had Chinese for lunch, but in spite of that I still wasn't feeling well. I slept most of the afternoon and woke up for dinner - chicken [turkey] corn soup - and then helped decorate the Christmas Tree. We ended up watching Glory, because it was on TV. That was the first I'd seen that movie, too! It was so, so good. Woah. I need to own that movie someday.
My brother asked yesterday why we only watch movies whenever I am home... T_T

Sunday - Did Chinese hw, Genji work, work on a letter for a Gbg Scholarship, screencaps from Gbg :p Some of these were requests and a few were simply random ones (Buford & his men, one of Vincent, and a few of Hood & Longstreet^^) Yes, I got carried away^^

And after lunch, it is back to college. In a way I am really sad to leave home again and go back to work, but I also am sad that this semester is about to end! I can't win!

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