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Thanksgiving Break Time and LOTR

Wow! I have found an Elvish friend - teeheeness!! Yes, Eriwen has all the LOTR figures above her desk and the poster for the Second Movie! She gave me an Elvish name: Lissinen Meler. We are going to learn to speak Elvish together after the break, and one day go to the Tolkein cafe in Zagreb, Cr., Europe. Yay. I can't I don't wanna leave for vacation! ^^ I must pick up my Elvish language materials, tho. My life at college from next week till summer:
1. make web comic with Reeves, Dave and anyone else who might be helping
2. speak Elvish and see the Two Towers with Eriwen
3. do my homework (as always)
4. play the ps I am gonna steal from Matt halo above my head and on the Tv screen ;)
5. on the search for TB doujinshi
anything I am forgetting??....
Yay Thanksgiving dinner! I want to watch the Special Edition of Lord of the Rings now!! Yarg! Thanks for sending me into a LOTR-hyperness!! I won't be posting for a while. Have a great holiday everyone!!
byebyes! *waves as the train pulls out of station*
Tags: conlangs, drawing, elvish, food, games, language, manga, movies, schoolwork

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