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2005 memories...

For this, just take the first post of each month of the year and post the first paragraph or so (if you want to do a little more, don't add too too much).... snagged from sutariyubi

My Memories of 2005:

.....HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!! ^____^
Did everyone have a fun way to celebrate? ^_^
*pours out the champagne!!*

Yesterday was special and awesome beyond comprehension XD
[Because....] I was eating dinner when a new movie started on TV. And it was a Heian movie! Yatta! Then, I saw a familiar face...As it turns out it was ONMYOJI! Oh my! *huge fangirl cheer*

Something I was thinking about on the walk to school...
This is just a thought on my own experience with traveling overseas

Spring has come to the mountains, Spring has come to the valleys!
The sakura have really started to blossom now and the constant dreary weather tells me that spring has finally arrived. The air today is very thick and damp, but since it is warm and damp, I actually am enjoying it.

How did I spend Golden Week?
--Friday. Seeing Eye Dog Event Day.
I saw trained Guide Dogs, practiced braille! Very fun!
--Saturday-Sunday. Awaji.
Saturday was the usual working hard and late. because Tetsuaki's house was so crowded, we slept at Kouji's parent's in Hokudan. Sunday we went to a Shinto ceremony at Izanagi Jingu.

My sleeping schedule is all messed up lately... I might have to go back to meditating to Hiromasa's flute music, as that *always* put me to sleep :p Though, uh, I was not trying to *sleep* but meditate for homework O_o

While I was at work I was telling my boss how I will be going to Gettysburg this's my grandmother's birthday on the 4th of July...that's also our nation's birthday...and the 1st through the 3rd marks the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg...then it dawned on me...

I made a list of all the different books & movies I have had strong interests in and which characters I had a crush on, simply obsessed over, or looked up to!

It's been one busy week! [variety stuff in here about Onmyouji, Gettysburg, and classes...]

Did you guys know that the KitanoTenmangu Shrine in Kyoto is dedicated to calming the revengeful spirit of Sugawara no Michizane?! XD GAH! I am so excited!

Mmm I did love those perogies. ...Civil War Club. ....'Genji the Bodhisattva' paper is almost done, ...constant stream of Chinese work and the impossible task of getting through the remainder of the Tale of Genji.

Yes, today was a better day, for the most part (well, for the latter half - the first half I quit work early because they had *no* work for me to do and took a nap...not so productive..).

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