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Day full of Japanese...

I studied for my final tomorrow while listening to Onmyouji in the background. It wasn't the worst, but I fet a bit frusterated because I didn't know how much to prepare... I rewrote a lot of the sentences I had completely misunderstood in English and Japanese - wow, that's the first time I have written Japanese kanji in months... It felt so strange! It also felt like I could re-learn all the kanji I forgot, which gave me some dim hope for my future!

At least the movie was fun to listen to. Amaterasu is so nice^^ Ahhh shower of warm, glowy light^^ Ohhh and Seimei chanting-singing is wonderful. *lulled to sleep by it*

I still can't figure what kanji you'd use for the name 'amemiko'...

[Edit 11:29pm] I now have a new Onmyouji layout :)

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