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Yay home ^^

I made it home on Saturday and since then I've been taking it easy^^

Saturday night when I got home, mom had company...So I harassed my brother in the meantime^^ Mom was pretty scratchy in the throat and weary from the surgery, but ok! We all ate pizza.

Sunday I slept in and helped mom here and there. There was a show on samurai that I watched and organized my drawings. Meanwhile both mom and dad napped. Oh and I ate my dark chocolate non-pareils and Sylvia & Laura's home-baked cookies! XD Dad went out caroling with the church group - but their first stop was our living room to cheer up mom :3 All day I teased Matt about his Christmas present (a book of Latin phrases for fun)!

Monday I slept in and then slept in the afternoon :p I was uber-lazy ~_~ I couldn't help it - whenever I hugged my Nemo plushie, I fell asleep!
We watched the Star Wars special in the evening, ate left over chicken parm, Matt discussed his hw which was writing a letter to a Senator, and we ate "fresh" "real" pinapple!! Yay!! I also tried to help dad with the cross-word puzzle (to no avail)...

This afternoon I think we will fill the stockings with presents and then Matt is taking me to the Bucknell library to rent the German silent film 'Metropolis'. Day by day Christmas comes closer XD

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