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Well, yesterday I finally got a photo album and arranged all my photos of Gettysburg^^ I was productive! Then I watched 'Ever After' with my mom. *squeee* for Lee Ingleby! And the white gown with wings was so pretty! Today dad burned the Star Wars soundtracks onto CD from old records and my brother is spending his German class at a cafe in town^^ Whee it's a fun day. It's almost Christmas!.... *impatient*

Thanks so much to lemur_cat for the card! :D It was very cute and I *love* the stickers! Yay Satoshi and Daisuke!!
I also got a card from my friend Nichole from high school and she even included a handmade glass ornament! I was touched! Thanks everyone and have a great Christmas & Happy New Year *^_^*

Also, I dug up the map of Kyoto from my desk, so if anyone wants to get directions to any temple in paticular, just ask! You might wanna double-check then to make sure the bus lines didn't change ^_~

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